The project Antiquitatum Thesaurus: Antiquities in European Visual Sources from the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries investigates drawings and prints that reproduce artefacts from antiquity and identifies the related original monuments from museums and collections around the world. Periodically, we will upload short blog entries regarding curious, rare and particularly intriguing or meaningful artefacts for their background, provenance, collecting history or for their story.

Furthermore, we invite colleagues, students, and experts of various disciplines who want to express their views on the reception of antiquities in the 17th and 18th centuries via the graphic production and collecting practices to submit short texts that address innovative aspects or insights on the topic. With this and other activities to come, we would like to encourage an interdisciplinary dialogue within the scientific community, hoping to generate profit for the Thesaurus and its users.

For your proposal, please use the following submission form: blog proposal.

Please send your proposals to: thesaurus(at)

#3: One Chicken Cage – or Two?

Timo Strauch

(10 May 2022)

#4: What Is a Thesaurus?

Elena Vaiani

(26 July 2022)

#5: digtal meets analogue – Antiquitatum Thesaurus in Paris

Cristina Ruggero, Timo Strauch

(10 January 2023)

#8: Cupids – stolen, lost and refound

Elena Vaiani

(1st December 2023)